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POP Yachts is the largest boat and yacht broker in the USA. With 4,968 boats in active inventory, 293 independent sales reps around the country, and more than 1,600 vessels sold/year, we have the experience and exposure to sell any boat to the right buyer anywhere in the world.

We come out to your boat, take a professional photo shoot and video, build your advertisement, and distribute it out to 160+ websites.

We'll handle all phone calls and emails, facilitate a successful and fair negotiation, and we will handle a safe and secure closing, holding all funds in escrow and creating all necessary documents in order to transfer title the right way.

We do all this for 10% of the total sale, only if and when a successful sale is completed. We only get paid if WE actually sell your boat. POP stands for Paid on Performance!

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Pia Louise was awesome. Can't say enough good things about her. A few too many cooks in the kitchen as the deal closed but all in all a very positive experience.

John M. Novotny
Baltimore, MD
Found 8.2 mos ago on   View on website .

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Who is Pia Louise?

I was a Flight Attendant when flying meant friendly skies and drinks 'eyeball poured' out of large bottles ... wait ... what ... You were never on one of my flights?

I'm not as old as that makes me sound ... just been around long enough to value old school customer service.

My good fortune enabled me to meet interesting people from diverse cultures thanks to my life in the wild blue yonder.

I turned in my flight wings for water wings ... gallivanting coastlines ... a gypsy at heart.

POP Yachts affords me similar freedom and I continue to meet interesting people with diverse backgrounds ... hint hint ... YOU!

So are you ready for some fun and make new friends ... buy a boat!

Maybe "glamping" is your thing ... get your motor runnin' ... head out on the highway!

Sure, we're all grown up but we still like our toys.